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Prior to Use

New Linens should be soaked in cold water prior to being laundered for the first time. Soaking may be substituted by a couple of rinse cycles in an industrial washer. Use a higher water to linen ration and load your washer with fewer items.

Product Care & Suggestions

We reccomend that RB Casa prodoucts be laundered in a front-loading washing machine. Dry cleaning and bleaching are not reccomended for fine linens. Launder your fine linen in a warm water or gentle cycle using a mild, color and fragrance detergent. To remove stain, use enzyme reactive stain removers; do not use chlorine bleach or detergent with lighteners. Detergents should never be poured directly onto your fine linens. Use of fabric softeners is no recommended as these products only coat the fiber and make them "appear " to be soft. One cup of white vinegar in the rinse water remove traces of soap and leaves smelling fresh. The ideal way to dry linens is to air dry. If you must use a dryer, tumble dry on low for only a few minutes and do not dry
completely. Tumble-dying too long at a high temperature can damadge your linens, making them brittle and lifeless over time. Always remove linens from the dryer while still damp, and then iron. For best results, use a spray bottle with water as opposed to the iron's steam feature.


RB CASA fabrics are woven, printed or dyed in Italy using the finest 100% cotton fibers. The collections feature basics sateens and percales, printed and jacquard fabrics. All our collections offer fabrics available for purchase by the yard. Fabrics may vary in texture and color according to the industry standards that allow a tolerance of -/+3%. For all the questions related to fabrics availability and details please contact our customer service at 800.277.0597


As with most product made with natural fibers, RB Casa fabrics have a tendecy to shrink 3-5-% when washed. Pure Linen fabric

such as our CANOVA collection may shrink up to 8-9%. The sizes listed in this price list are intended for ORIGINAL PRODUCTS before washing. Shrink allowance have been added to the finished size, therefore our current sizes might look slightly larger than standard.

Discontinued Collections

Discontinued collections may be available for a limited time on our website. Please always verify products avaialbility with customer service at 800.277.0597 whenever you are planning to place an order on discontinued collections.

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